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The Story of the Sani-Pen

Did you know that Sani-Pen® was the world’s first sanitizer spray pen?
Sani-PenEver wondered how the incredible phenomenon began?

In the Spring of 2003, our top distributor met with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to identify and respond to their unmet needs. The buyer expressed a desire for a hand sanitizer that would allow health care workers to sanitize more frequently and conveniently in their daily routine.

Studies were just emerging showing that 90,000 people a year were dying in the U.S. from infections acquired while in a medical facility, unrelated to the reason they sought care. The need for improved sanitization was very apparent.

That’s where the Natural Trends Creative Team went to work! We recognized the solution would need to be an effective and trustworthy product, and medical grade in quality and appearance. We designed a container that looked like a test tube, but in durable plastic. We felt that offering the sanitizer in a spray rather than a gel would make it easier to control and apply, and wanted it to be usable with only one hand.

The device had to be convenient to carry and retrieve, and we determined that since health care workers are accustomed to pulling pens out of their pockets, we would create something of similar size and shape to be carried in the pocket, hence the name Sani-Pen.

The design included the ingenious Twist-Lock Top™ so the pump could be unlocked with the twist of a thumb for one hand use, with no cap to remove or lose. The patented Sani-Pen was the market’s first hand sanitizer pen!

At its debut in January 2004, the Sani-Pen was an instant and phenomenal hit, and has been ever since! Its value and uniqueness were immediately clear.

The huge success of the product and concept has spawned a slew of imitations, but none has equaled the quality and trustworthiness of the Sani-Pen. In addition to the superior quality, the tube delivers twice the liquid of similar sized lesser options, assuring twice the longevity of brand exposure.

Today the Sani-Pen is one of our most popular products, so successful that
it generates exact repeat orders 50% of the time!
If you’ve never used the Sani-Pen, there’s no better time than now to begin!

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